Blog Post #1 (Introduction)

It seems terribly strange to type out an introduction of myself, fully expecting no reply, but I have thought of no other way to begin this blog so here goes nothing.

My name is Makayla, I am the mother to lovely “A” (not her actual name but I will refer to her as “A” or “moose” for privacy reasons). She is eleven months old and clearly the center of my little world. I am beginning this blog because over the course of the past year I have been amazed by this wonderful little creature, as well as humored, frustrated, and exhausted; I would like to share these stories, provide new ideas for other mums, and hopefully send out a ray of hope for young and/or single mamas. I also have a slew of hobbies and ideas that I would love to share with others.

I discovered I was pregnant November 2015, I was eighteen and had just graduated high school a few months prior. To say I was scared would be a grand understatement, because not only was I young, I was also homeless. I became pregnant from what was supposed to be a one-time thing so A’s father was not super interested in offering much support and left half-way through my pregnancy (a story I may or may not share in the future).  Shortly after he left I caught a break and found a place to live and thankfully haven’t been “couch surfing” since. My pregnancy was very smooth and honestly boosted my confidence a lot. I was able to work full-time at a daycare up until my due date, although I went nearly two weeks past it. My labor and delivery was also free of any terrible complications and I was blessed with a content, quiet baby. She has since turned into a wild, mess-making, climber-of-all-things, sleep-fighting little dear, I wouldn’t change a single thing though.

I’m sure that I will go into more detail about my pregnancy, labor, and delivery in later posts but for now I think this little background will suffice. And hopefully I can become more creative when it comes to title making and concluding my posts, but bear with me.

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